History of Zanavyku land circus

By initiative J.Vikšraitis director of culture house and art leader P.Pučiliauskas was establish first in Baltic region and second in Soviet Unijon amateur circus Kudirkos Naumiestis of Šakiai district in 1959. Troup nucleus formed A.Jasiulevičius, Č.Bilevičius, J.Grikietis, V.Daugėla. In 1961 collective named „Žuvėdra”.  In 1963 gave Folk circus name. „Žuvėdra“ existed at about 20 years, organized about 1200 show and became bright angular stone of Zanavykai land and whole Lithuania amateur circus history.

At the end of 1959 in collective „Žuvėdra“ happend split (8 artists) withdrawn from troup and moved to Lukšiai (Šakiai district), where maked separate troup under the leadership Č. Bilevičius and J.Grikietis. This collective existed in Lukšiai till 1969.

Third and most important amateur circus existence stage was establish circus by  initiative „Žuvėdra“ artist J.Endriukaitis in Šakiai. The first training-rehearsal happened 15 th february 1976. And 24th april troup showed concert duration one hour. 12th december 1976 took place official concert premiere for citizens. Took part in program acrobats Marytė and Nijolė Smirnovaitė, Roma Unikauskaitė, Česlovas Stonkus, klowns Lionius Bernota and Juozas Razburskis, illusionist (collective leader) Juozas Endriukaitis. Show guided Nida Martinkaitienė. Collectiv named „Šypsena“.

*1976 in December to circus supervise Juozas Endriukaitis.

  • Juozas Endriukaitis