About Studio

Circus is human facilities demonstration. It is one of oldest and one of youngest art branch the own during

The first small circus troupes („Gražuolė“, „Fox“, „Menas“, „Kongo“, „Patrimpas“, „Roma“ and ext.) in Lithuania began to create after The First World War. At about 1929 P.Gudauskas and P.Tarutis established professional circus “Aušra”, a little later appeared circus “Karado” which in the end of 1940 was commonwealth and named “Vilniaus arena”. For that first Soviet roaming circus leaded V.Černiauskas, J.Paulauskas, J.Ramanauskienė. In 1944 by initiative artist J.Ramanauskas was organized „Cirkas scenoje“ at Lithuania Soviet Uonion Republik, later named „Lietuviškasis cirkas“. From1950 it was on control of Eldest TSRS circus managament. In 1959 for collective gave „Vilnius“ name. 

For lithuanian circus educate a lot  join folk artists J.Ramanauskas, J.Ramanauskienė, A.Gineika, deserved artists O. and K. Kaluževičiai, A.Kličius, D.Bereišienė, V. and Z. Černiauskai, V. Variakojienė, artists R.Čepurna,  V.Gineikienė, V.Latvis and a lot others. Many years Lithuanian collective was one of powerful troup among TSRS nationals circus troups.

However belongs „Sojuzgoscirk“ confederation in motherland it was visiting especially rarely – middling at ones per five years. Therefore a few decade years circus art in Lithuania developed thanks to amateur circus only. A lot members of these collektives became Professional circus artists.